Wisconsin State Patrol Academy



This hybrid Criminal Justice Instructor Development Course – (IDC) & Scenario Instructor Course is designed to provide instructors the knowledge, tools and understanding of the safety and administrative needs associated with scenario training and testing activities. It will also prepare Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board (LESB) certified officers to effectively administer and teach LESB approved curricula.  This course will certify you for both LESB courses.

This course emphasizes teaching and learning techniques that promote active
learning, support learners with a variety of learning preferences and needs,

and generate continuous improvements in teaching and learning. It will also prepare instructor personnel to provide realistic, safe and effective preparatory level training and assessments, as well as to serve as a safety protocol aid (although not mandatory) for active law enforcement/jail, in-service and law enforcement/jail community training programs. The scenario portion of the course objectives are established through the roles and functions of the Safety Coordinator (SO) and the Exercise Control Officer (ECO) and common safety practices, as outlined in the scenario instructor training manual. Objectives included in the manual consist of; coaching techniques, debriefing techniques, evaluation, directing of role players and ensuring compliance with established safety protocols. 


To successfully complete the CJ-IDC & Scenario course, instructor candidates must:

  • Present two teaching assignments to the class
  • Present one scenario teaching assignment
  • Pass a written/achievement examination with a grade of 80% or

  • Demonstrate proficiency in adult learning and teaching techniques

    taught throughout the course
  • Demonstrate administration of scenario-based training in safe and effective manner throughout the course


Registration limited to: Law enforcement applicants who have acquired a minimum of 2 ½ years of full-time or at least 5,000 hours of certified occupational experience as a law enforcement or tribal law enforcement officer and have attained an associate degree or a minimum of 60-accredited semester credits or 90-accredited quarter credits.

Applicants must submit form DJ-LE-335, the 32-hour Criminal Justice Instructor Development Course Application (paper form available on WILENET), to the training provider along with a copy of their Acadis Training
History Report to verify occupational experience to enroll in the CJIDC, as well as form DJ-LE-310, Student Release of Information (paper form available on WILENET).


You can register for this course here: Wisconsin State Patrol Academy Course Registration.  

If you have any questions, please contact the program director.​