Traffic Management Center (TMC)

​​​​​​​Traffic Management Center (TMC) – The TMC has two primary purposes: 1) monitor, operate, and maintain ITS field devices in support of traffic management, traveler information, and incident response for its stakeholders and 2) dispatch State Patrol resources in response to incidents across the State of Wisconsin. This can be further distilled into six core functions that are executed on a routine basis:​

  • Public safety dispatching – the TMC serves as the primary dispatch center for State Patrol resources across Wisconsin.
  • Incident management – with combined State Patrol dispatching and statewide traffic management functionality, the TMC is Wisconsin's focal point for highway incident management.
  • Traffic management – as the name suggests, the TMC leads the management of traffic on State and Interstate highways across Wisconsin.
  • Data acquisition – in coordination with the TOPS Lab, the TMC serves as a statewide warehouse for transportation data.
  • Intelligence and traveler information sharing – the TMC is a data clearinghouse for partner agencies and a source of information dissemination for the traveling public.
  • Infrastructure monitoring & reporting – the TMC monitors infrastructure assets and coordinates maintenance and repair efforts.

The TMC is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and communicates regularly with external partner agencies located in Wisconsin and the Midwest region. The TMC also provides information to media outlets, construction project managers and to the public through the website. (More About The TMC on WisDOT)​ links​

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