Wisconsin State Patrol Academy

LESB Handgun and Rifle Instructor​


This 64-hour course, taught by DOJ Certified Master Instructor Trainers, prepares instructor candidates for certification as a LESB Handgun and Rifle instructor.


  • Identify the expectations of the Handgun and Rifle instructor training program.
  • Students will review decision‐making and legal issues surrounding use of force/weapons operation.
  • Describe/demonstrate safety procedures for classroom and live fire ranges.
  • Students will be able to properly demonstrate skill sessions using proper terminology and form from DOJ material.
  • Students will successfully diagnose problem shooters, develop plans to improve and implement corrective training.   
  • Demonstrate how to properly administer safe, effective range sessions for all skill levels.
  • Present multiple teaching presentations.
  • 8 hours of Pistol Red Dot instruction.
  • Complete Handgun and Rifle Instructor Program (exam, evaluations, and application process).


Must have complete​​d the 32-hour CJ-IDC course before attending, OR be a currently-certified LESB instructor, and have 3 years full-time experience. To attend, must apply via form DJ-LE-336 (include completed Handgun and Rifle Skills Competency Checklist), proof of training hours on Acadis.​​


  • Duty belt, holster and other appropriate protective gear.
  • 800 rounds pistol/500 round rifle ammunition.
  • Laptop computer for online modules


You can register for this course here: Wisconsin State Patrol Academy Course Registration.  

If you have any questions, please contact the program director.​