Communications Unit

​The Wisconsin State Patrol's Communications Unit is comprised of four dispatch centers located throughout the state:

Law Enforcement Dispatchers (LEDs) assigned to the communications centers serve in a critical role for inter-agency coordination to maximize efficient and effective law enforcement operations. LEDs are a central coordination point-of-contact​ between law enforcement, emergency services, and the public. The Communication Unit utilizes a variety of computer programs and technologies to track incidents, obtain and relay critical information for emergency services.

The Communication Dispatch Centers are staffed and/or remotely staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and communicate regularly with external partner agencies located in Wisconsin and Midwest. The Communications U​nit works closely with the Wisconsin Department of ​Transportation (WisDOT) Traffic Management Center for the coordination of traffic incidents and events throughout Wisconsin's​ interstate and highway systems.


Mobile Architecture for Communications Handling (MACH) is a communications software that features automatic vehicle location, silent dispatc​hing, secure car-to-​car messaging, in-car mapping, and the ability to query the Wisconsin Transaction of Information for Management of Enforcement (TIME) System. MACH is integrated with Traffic and Criminal Software (TraCS) to provide a complete public safety solution.

The Wisconsin State Patrol utilizes the MACH software on laptop computers for mobile use, on desktop computers at fixed locations and in communication centers for dispatching and command operations.

MACH in Action​

MACH Marker Use Guidance