​​​​​Protecting and serving for 80 years, the Wisconsin ​State Patrol has a proud tradition and an outstanding record of achievement. The Wisconsin State Patrol is dedicated to promoting highway safety and ​enhancing the quality of life for all Wisconsin citizens and visitors by providing professional, competent, and compassionate law enforcement services.

The Wisconsin State Patrol is a great place to work! We provide excellent benefitsample vacation time and an exceptional employee assistance program. Additional benefits provided by the State Patrol include six months of comprehensive, paid law enforcement training at the State Patrol Academy, paid uniforms and equipment, and a take-home cruiser (issued upon graduation from the Academy).

Timeline for ​68th Recruit Class


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Minimum Requirements​​

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Physical Readiness Test (PRT)​​​​​

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Position Summary:   The primary responsibility of State Patrol Troope​rs and Inspectors is the enforcement of state traffic and criminal laws, regulation of traffic, prevention of highway crashes, and criminal interdiction. This includes providing assistance to motorists and the public and inspecting trucks, school buses and ambulances. We assist local, other state, and federal law enforcement agencies with civil disturbances, natural disasters, special details, and routine backup. The WI ​State Patrol has many career opportunities including K-9 officers, drone/ aircraft pilots, dignitary protection, honor ​guard, crash recons​truction experts, SWAT team, and human trafficking/ drug interdiction.​​

Pa​y Scale:

WI State Patrol Experience​
Hourly Rate​​
0 months
6 months
2 years​
3 years
4 years
5 years
6 years$32.00
7 years

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