Fleet Installation Center

​Fleet Installation Technicians transform vehicles into public safety vehicles for the Wisconsin State Patrol and Department of Natural Resources.  Each vehicle is outfitted with a variety of specialized public-safety-related equipment.

  • Technicians research, design, test and install new technologies used in fleet vehicles such as radios, video cameras, speed detection, prisoner containment, emergency lights and sirens. 

  • The team installs and maintains wireless communications and emergency warning equipment for 80-100 public safety vehicles each year including cars, trucks, sport utility vehicles, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs and boats.

  • The patrol cars and other vehicles are used by the Wisconsin State Patrol and Department of Natural Resources for law enforcement activities, including specialized areas such as the K-9, Technical Reconstruction and Dignitary Protection units.

  • Using a variety of tools and techniques, the Electronics Technician wires and installs electrical harnesses for radio consoles, electronic sirens and lights, mobile data computer docking stations, and digital P25 trunked VHF two-way radios.

  • This requires the removal, installation, and replacement of body panels, seats and interior trim, installing custom configured wiring harnesses and quick connects for all public safety equipment throughout​ the vehicle.

  • The technician performs basic maintenance of public safety equipment including testing and repairing light ​bars and sirens and soldering and testing electronic wiring and connections.