Air Support Unit

​​​​​​​​​​​The Wisconsin State Patrol Air Support Unit (ASU) provides essential law enforcement and emergency aviation services to all Wisconsin public safety providers wh​ile enhancing traffic highway safety and homeland security for citizens and visitors.

Fixed Wing Aircraft​

Aircraft crews assist with traffic assessment and control, vehicle and pedestrian evacuation, site/ area security, detection and monitoring of actual or potential criminal and terrorist activity, search and locate efforts for missing/abducted persons, and status/damage assessments during and after critical incidents, crises or other emergencies or planned events requiring law enforcement/security aircraft resources for extended operations.

  • Conduct speed enforcement, patrol operations, and traffic surveillance

  • Conduct criminal activity evidence gathering and surveillance

  • Conduct air reconnaissance/security operations

  • Obtain air photography and video​

  • Assist with search and locate missions

  • Assist with damage assessment, planning, critiquing, and surveying

  • Assist on-scene incident commanders during unusual occurrences, public demonstrations, natural or man-made disasters and other special events

Unmann​ed Aircraft Systems

The WSP unmanned aircraft fleet is strategically positioned throughout the state to respond rapidly and effectively. These unmanned aircraft are available to provide low-altitude aerial support during emergency and non-emergency missions. Unm​anned aircraft pilots receive regular ground and flight training designed for the complex demands inherent in public safety operational missions.

  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified pilots

  • Conduct low-altitude aerial support

  • Obtain high-definition geo-referenced air photographs and video

  • Provide live streaming during emergency and non-emergency situations​