K9 Teams

​​​​The K9 Unit offers search capabilities for the detection of illegal narcotics (marijuana, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines and their derivatives), a​nd explosive ordnance detection (EOD). This special resource is commonly utilized for traffic control operations, protection of persons and/or property and assisting with disaster area security in the event of a civil disturbance, man-made or natural disaster, crisis, catastrophe, complex incident or other emergency that exceeds the capacity of normal operations. K9 resources will remain on scene in support of other governmental units until such conditions have subsided and it is determined there is no longer a need for assistance.

  • Detection of illegal contraband/explosives

  • Conduct evidence recovery

  • Provide law enforcement services

  • Assist with crowd control operations​

  • Conduct tactical search and locate operations

  • Work with local, state, and federal drug task forces