Mobile Field Force

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Mobile Field F​or​ce is designed to protect the safety of persons and/or property, provide security for a ​disaster area and restore and maintain law and order as quickly as possible in the event of a civil disturbance, man-made or natural disaster, crisis, catastrophe, complex incident or other emergency that exceeds the capacity of normal operations. These mobile teams operate as tactical squad in circumstances and situations in which a high degree of volatility related to civil unrest may exist. They will remain on-scene either as a primary response entity or as an assisting agency capability in support of other governmental units until such conditions have subsided and it is determined there is no longer a need for assistance.​

  • Conduct civil disturbance operations

  • Conduct crowd management/control operations

  • Provide law enforcement services/arrest violators

  • Restrict access (ingress/egress) to affected areas

  • Provide perimeter security related to pedestrian movement