Tactical Teams

​​​Tactical teams are specially prepared, trained, and equipped to provide local, state, and federal law enforcement with tactical services related to numerous types of critical incidents, including but not limited to: hostage situations, barricaded subjects, hostile snipers, high risk apprehension and warrant service, dignitary protection, drug enforcement, terrorist activity, rural and water-borne operations, and other special activities based upon a high level of threat and/or need for a specialized level of tactical expertise and ​equipment.

  • Respond to hostile sniper and barricaded subjects

  • Conduct high-risk apprehension and warrant service

  • Support crowd management/control operations

  • Negotiate hostage situations

  • Conduct high-risk fugitive apprehension

  • Provide dignitary protection

  • Counter-Sniper support and over watch/provide cover for tactical formations

  • Support security for special events

  • Deploy to high-risk/high-threat level incidents, events and situations​